Todd Congelliere / Jacob Hamilton Split Cassette


Excerpt from Hot Damn Split Cassette! Yes….This is Todd from Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and more[He also runs Recess Records!] presenting us with “CLOWN FROWN” …A very tasty morsel!

Like the goofball that I am, I heard a few of Todd’s songs on his myspace page and have never heard them anywhere else to date. So I got really excited and offered to put this tape out….and “Whaa Happened???”…It Happened! We in the executive branch here at P.R.Cubed are MEGA STOKED to say the very least.

Todd’s songs hit like LSD on the beach! Mellower and more plesant than the other bands mentioned above, yet still one gets the feeling he would choose dare over truth every single round. If that makes sense at all. Each song seems to have a million instruments and as each finale approaches the layered depths are perfectly executed…..leaving the listener stokedly “afloat” in a sea of sound. “Clown Frown” is psychedelic and trippy without once going over the edge. The magic of these songs is that you would not have to love F.Y.P. or T.T.K. or U.R.T.C. to enjoy them. They stand “erected” and alone as present classics. For fans of Brian Wilson, The Kinks, Weed, and of course all the bands mentioned above. Check his songs out here: And don’t forget…

I play on the opposite side of the cassette and I don’t need to mention anything about myself other than I’m psyched I get to share a release with The Conge!…you can check out my songs here….

$4 Get in touch! -jacob hamilton

Jacob reminds me of the Boss! Pure and simple! I mean Springsteen,not the shitty other dude. He might hate the fact that i say that but i mean it as one of the best compliments. Dont fret cos he doesnt tell long winded stories while playing,although even if he did i'd prolly get goosebumps. Some,or maybe even most, of these songs are also played with his band, Vicious Fishes (Previously known as Enviromental Youth Crunch) where the hyper energy of the songs are extracted. His side, entitled "Shred Rippers", makes me proud to share cartridge.
Plus he's a great surfer! St.Augustine rise up!
11 songs by each dude!

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